With a novel method we are able to check multiple important parameters that influence the persons wellbeing and health status. A simple, almost painless finger prick provides the few drops of blood required, which are collected on special filter paper and sent directly to us for analysis.
If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it!


HomeXM brings the lab to the privacy and comfort of your home.


Over a period of time, your predispositions in connection with your lifestyle determine your current state of health, which can be measured with a single drop of blood. By tracking your status you can take preventive action to protect you from health risks and improve you wellbeing.
By tracking changes you can monitor your progress and plan accordingly!

Big results with small changes!

The sampling procedure is very easy and can be done at home.
The results will be available in your profile in just a few days.
The raw data is evaluated, interpreted and trasnformed into easy-to-use recommendations.
Tailor-made advice and most appropriate action plans are delievered to your personal profile.


Even the best information is of little help without proper advice and guidance. Our team of experts interprets the measured results and provides appropriate recommendations to make the right changes for each individual.
The "one size fits all" approach does not work, discover the changes most suitable for you and act on it!